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Six tips on how to be a water refill champion in your city!

  1. Never leave your home without your reusable water bottle! You can’t benefit from drinking water refill stations without it!

  2. Not sure about the drinking water quality? Maybe you are heading to a park or a place where potable refill isn’t certain? Bring a filter straw or charcoal sticks to purify your refill. Here’s some things I use with my bottle: my Lifestraw, my Brita charcoal filter water bottle, or the Japanese Binchotan charcoal sticks.

  3. Find refill points on a map in your city. Check our this global app to find where these refillable water stations exist! Locally here in Montreal, there isn’t any one specific yet but have identified

  4. Let it run before you refill! Just like you do at home, let it run a few seconds to ensure the cooler fresher water. The taste and temperature can sometimes be affected if water has been sitting in the hose or the pipes for a long time. Rest assured our public city water quality is more regulated than bottled water!

  5. Speak up! At an event and disappointed that they are stuck in the 80s selling plastic water bottles? Tell event crew or barman about our O’land water stations as one of the best event water solutions.

  6. When you refill at one of our refillable water stations @olandstations please tag us on social media! Take a pic and join the #byobottle movement! Tag your favorite festival in the pic and ask em to set up more O'land refill water stations next time!

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