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Female Entrepreneurs Tackling Plastic Pollution

Did you see our amazing discussion last week for World Ocean's Day ? Hosted by Organization Bleue's Founder Anne-Marie Asselin, for the Semaine de L'océan, we had a great discussion found here, about Female Entrepreneurship in different sectors that are both tackling plastic pollution. O'land water stations providing refill and reuse infrastructures to encourage upstream solutions, and Genevieve Dionne from Eco Entreprise Quebec discusses what to focus on when reuse and refill aren't possible. Despite seeming like we had very different strategies, our webinar interview highlighted the importance of working together to solve the global crisis of plastic pollution. As well, we both agreed that innovation alone, cannot solve the issue. We need support for social and behavioral changes, from governments and from consumers. We also both agreed on the importance of government interventions to regulate company efforts to make drastic reductions in single-use plastic use. We know that things take time to change, and inventing a cool new product that seems super revolutionary won't move the needle, if it isn't applied and integrated into human behavior. This is why we at O'land are super focused on the mission of reducing plastic bottle waste before counting the dollar signs from sales. For every water station we sell, we include a 1-year paid subscription for near-real time distance reading of the station's water meter. This makes it simple to know how many bottles the client is refilling each day, thus ultimately reducing the need for the purchase of a single-use plastic water bottle. Our webinar ended with a question from Anne-Marie Asselin about how we leverage our mission to make an impact among youth. O'land choses to work with large music festivals first, since that is where we see the greatest ability to reduce waste and influence human behavior at scale. Our water refill stations from our first year of existence at Osheaga and Ile Soniq Musical Festival in 2019, reduced the need for 140,000 water bottles to be purchased across just 4 days of events and with some 60,000 younger audiences who enjoy outdoor festivals. This is only the beginning for us, and if our water stations can refill 1 million bottles during next years festival season 2021, we would be so delighted.

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